The Thrills

by Future Sound

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This is my love at the current moment. My creation. My gift to you all.

A lot of hard work has went into this EP and I hope you guys enjoy it.

This is my life right now. Your basically talking a walk in my shoes for 25 minutes or so...

Don't treat this like your traditional Hip Hop EP, this is mood music.

Take this and feel it.

I feel like I created a soundtrack to the lives of my peers and I.

The lyrics can be switched, but the feeling is still there.

Special thanks to everyone that was involved in this project, from the models to the engineers, from the actors to the producers, all the way down to you...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Thrills

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released February 15, 2011

Production: Michael Asoka Ramdan, T.HMWY, Abjo, Space Dimension Controller

Artwork & Photography : Future Sound

Engineering : SevanSounds Studios, Michael Asoka Ramdan

Colorized by : Love and everything groovy.




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Track Name: The Thrills
Where do we start this, How we do we start you?
Your built German (hey), I need a sermon (uh)
Preach to me, love how your eyes, speak to me
Call my line, reach for me, take you there easily

Love when your face don't front, hey is this what you want?
Maybe the shit we sip, maybe the balls we trip, life thats all it is,
Thrills (repeated)

Is this what you want? (repeated)

Maybe it's what you say, maybe it's how you say it
Maybe it's how you play, or maybe the game your playin'
Maybe you get what I'm saying

Kill those cigarettes, and that attitude
Get inside the pool, don't live by the rules, you live by the school
You just add the fuel to that bull, you call a life
Tonight your not a wife, your a knife
Cut a rug love (uh)
Track Name: Wonderful
Coming Soon
Track Name: Paris,France
Coming Soon
Track Name: Hey Dreamer
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